3 Famous Discoveries of ARYABHATTA

Discoverer of famous 3 - "Round Shape", "Moon with no light", "Pi"
Aryabhatta - Pioneer in the field of Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics.


When the whole world was concentrating on the Earth, this man looked in eyes of the sun and devised the theory about the most widely known phenomenon now, which explains Sun is the center of our solar system and we revolve around it. Aryabhata was a pioneer in mathematics and a distinguished astronomer. He was born in the year 476 CE in the scholarly place of Patliputra. He completed all of his studies with eagerness at the very same place and rose to become a prominent academician in the Nalanda University. Later years he set up a Sun observatory in the Targenan district in the state of Bihar.

His famous works include Aryabhatiya, in which he approached the subject of Astronomy in a far practical manner. However, while following this way he got objected by many superstitions and unworldly beliefs. But his work took a flight on the wings of strong reasons and flew away from all the random superstition. Due to his dedication and hard work, he got instated as the head of the Nalanda University, the academic center of the Indian subcontinent.

HIS WORKS - Let’s derive a life lesson from it

Aryabhata excelled in the field of astronomy, mathematics and even physics. The unavailability of scientific equipment did not hinder this intellectual being’s quest for information and horde of knowing the wonders of the outer universe. Today we shall recount his works and how it is valuable for modern mathematics and astronomy. Further, I believe that every scientific theory no matter how practical it is, It always has a soul reaching message to deliver to the human heart, let us delve in that too and find the soulful meaning in the world’s materialism.
  • The story of 'ROUND SHAPE'

For Brain: Aryabhata was one of the pioneers in proving that the earth we reside on is round in shape. The earth rotates on its axis and that was the practical reason he gave for the occurrence of Day and Night on earth. However, his scientific approach was reprimanded by many religious fanatics of the time.
For Soul: In this 21st century, we have become so individualistic that we ourself learn and teach everyone around us to find our individuality. However, life is not about being an individual. Life is about finding the sun for your heart, around which your soul can rotate and dance on the imaginary line of happiness. Let us be the earth and sun and seek happiness.
  • The story of 'MOON WITH NO LIGHT'

For Brain: Aryabhata experimented about the moon’s light and explained reasonably that the light that moon sheds is not it’s own, it is the sun’s light which is being propagated by the face of the moon which is visible from earth. The teachings of Aryabhata about the moon is also extended to the eclipses formed and the scientific reason for the occurrence of an eclipse.
For Soul: We as human beings have to understand that every human has his own level of intellect which is not comparable. And every ounce of intellect must be respected. Accept your own intellect. If you have wide intellect, then be like the sun and help others shine. If you have limited intellect, then be a moon and shine brightly with the help of beings like the sun. Start connecting and let the shining begin.
  • The story of 'PI'

For Brain: Aryabhata was a superior mathematician who was able to deduce mathematically the value of a PI to 3.14, which further led to the greater understanding of areas of triangles and circles. The sine table was also formulated by this very mathematician.
For Soul: Sometimes in life, approximations lead to better results. Same as an approximate value of PI gives us superior results of the area of the triangle. Don’t always tighten the ends of life, sometimes have some loose ends, which might lead you to better ends to be tightened. Don’t rigid your life, just approximate it and live it.


Aryabhata died in the year 550 CE. Though his soul departed for the celestial abode, he still lives amongst us through the value of PI and the sine formulas which no kid is able to forget. Aryabhata provided us with innovations and theories which improved our lives practically.

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