Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee - A true man of honour, an idealist at heart and a true leader on the outside who truly envisaged a better and a brighter India and did everything within his power to the effect.
Our nuclear weapons are meant purely as a deterrent against nuclear adventure by an adversary - Atal Bihari Vajpayee

If India is not secular, then India is not India at all”
- Atal Bihari Vajpayee


A man daring yet hilarious, a man with infinitesimal patience yet symbolic achievement, this man was Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was born in the year 1924 on 25th December in the reverberating city of Gwalior. His father Krishna Bihari Vajpayee was a school teacher. He did his graduation in English, Hindi and Sanskrit and then carried on to purses his post graduation in Political Science from DAV College, Kanpur.
He became the prime minister of India three times. The first term consisted of 13 days, the second one was of 13 months and the last one was the full term. He was an active participant who made the Pokhran test a success and he was the valve that opened the bilateral talks between India and Pakistan by travelling via a bus to the neighbouring country.



HIS STORY- The first time he became the prime minister, his government survived only for 13 days. But he never got disheartened. He stood up again and was chosen as a prime minister but this time his government was able to stand only for 13 months. But with his perseverance and belief in himself, he again stood and completed the full term as a prime minister of India.
OUR LESSON- There is no substitute for hard work and perseverance. Patience will pay you in ways, your adrenaline rush can never even think of. So if you are doing something right now and continuously failing, just remember Atalji’s long journey to becoming a strong prime minister. These failures will teach you lessons that success can never do.


HIS STORY- Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the man who dared to open the doors and try to mend the strained relationship with Pakistan. He dared to get on the bus to Pakistan himself. These were the times when there was a lot of hostility between both nations. However, his daring step and boldness even after few repercussions was able to open the doors for negotiations and gave a hope that the relations might get well
OUR LESSON- The daring and bold steps sometimes lead to wrong results but the lessons and the efforts never go waste. Be daring the fruit will follow anyhow.


• Our aim may be as high as the endless sky, but we should have a resolve in our minds to walk ahead, hand-in-hand, for victory will be ours.
• I would like that no citizen of the state feels alone and helpless. The entire nation is with them.
• Victory and defeat are a part of life, which are to be viewed with equanimity.
• My poet's heart gives me the strength to face political problems, particularly those which have a bearing on my conscience.
• Terrorism has become a festering wound. It is an enemy of humanity.
• Quiet diplomacy is far more effective than public posturing.
I try to indulge my muse whenever I am able to get away from it all.
• You can change friends but not neighbours.
• We hope the world will act in the spirit of enlightened self-interest.
• Our nuclear weapons are meant purely as a deterrent against nuclear adventure by an adversary.
• Empowering the individual means empowering the nation. And empowerment is best served through rapid economic growth with rapid social change.


He died on 16th August 2018 but his pragmatic approach still rules the ideologies of many people’s lives which leads them to the right path. He became an epitome who diversified politics and make it more beneficial for the common man.

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