Swami Vivekananda - The Man with an Ocean of Knowledge

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.
An Indian Hindu monk & a chief disciple of the Indian mystic Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He was a key figure in the introduction of the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world and is credited with raising interfaith awareness, bringing Hinduism to the status of a major world religion during the late 19th century.

“Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached”

                                                                                - Swami Vivekananda


When intellectual meets the spiritual, then the hollowness of life ceases to exist. Such a complete personality was Swami Vivekananda. He wowed everyone with his intellect and pacified the other half of the whole lot with his spirituality. Swami Vivekananda was born on 12th January in the year 1863 at Kolkatta. His childhood name was Narendranath Dutta. He was bought up in an aristocratic family, however, his bent of mind was always inclined towards the spiritual aspect of life.
His alma matter lies in the revered Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, whose teachings he carried with full devotion after the demise of the guru and ultimately founded the Ramakrishna Mission. Swami Vivekananda came into the light when he isotopically introduced the concept of Hinduism and discussed it with generosity and proud in  Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago in 1893. In Honour of this famous personality, we celebrate 12th Jan as National Youth Day.



The times when Swami Vivekananda was born and lived his life, India was seen as a downgraded country. With rigorous efforts, Swami Ji was able to introduce the richness of the culture of Hinduism and India to the western modernized world. He studied the Indian philosophy diligently and made them understood the crux of the underlying fact of Hinduism and Vedanta theory in the way the self-superior western countries could understand. And till date, people from far off lands come to India to seek peace and spirituality.


Swami Vivekanand's guru Ramakrishna taught him how everything and every being is simple. How simplicity can achieve the most cumbersome of the tasks. Today we have entangled our lives in knots and messed it all up. We 21st-century human love complex problems, but swamiji learned from his guru that everything around you is simple and simplicity is the beauty.


The journey of Swami Vivekananda to the world parliament of religions was not a cake walk. It was filled with thorns of financial distress, rocks of unawareness and hurdles of western mindset. But swami ji suppressed everything and went to the stage of international parliament having a belief in heart though people around him was looking at this simple attired man with mischievous amusement. When he spoke on the stage, the hall was filled with awe and thunders of claps. All this was possible because of his simple approach towards religion that every being could relate to.


  • We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.
  • Where can we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our own hearts and in every living being.
  • Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.
  • You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.
  • You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.
  • “Religion is not in books, nor in theories, nor in dogmas, nor in talking, not even in reasoning. It is being and becoming.”


Universally admired Swami Vivekanand travelled far and wide, he gave unprepared speeches that came directly from his heart and till date, his words are considered a masterpiece art. He left for the celestial abode in the year 1902 at Belur Math. His soul departed but his words have made him eternal in the heart of every being who seeks wisdom and aims for spirituality.

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